What We Do

Together with our communities, SPCA helps protect over 45,000 animals in New Zealand every year. Animals who sick, injured, abused or simply abandoned. We are New Zealand’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity, with 39 centres across the country and over 45,000 animals coming through our centres each year.

SPCA is the only charity with the power to protect all animals including prosecuting people under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. With under one percent government funding, we rely heavily on the generosity of those who choose to make a difference.  The majority of our income comes from public donations, bequests and our own fundraising initiatives.

Our organisation’s founding ethos is ‘to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves’. With your support, we deliver this every day through our vision, values and policies.

Our Vision

All animal lives matter in our communities.

Our Purpose

To advance animal welfare and prevent cruelty.

Our Values

We are One, We are Kind, We are Brave, We Thrive, We Serve.

Our Structure

SPCA is an incorporated society, led by a CEO and a Senior Leadership Team, and governed by a voluntary Board of Directors

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Our Strategic Objectives

Advocate and influence

Educate and engage

Deliver positive animal outcomes

Seek justice

Our Facilities

Facilities at SPCA Centres vary greatly throughout New Zealand. Our centres rely heavily on help from volunteers in order to carry out their day-to-day operations. We have 77 warranted inspectors across the country who investigate complaints of cruelty and to enforce the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

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